Christian Huygen
Christian Huygen
Christian Huygen has served as Executive Director of Rainbow Heights Club since 2002.  He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The New School for Social Research. Dr. Huygen began working with LGBT consumers over in 1995, as a volunteer at an AIDS hospice in San Francisco. His research interests include autobiographical and social remembering, consumer satisfaction, and quality of life.  Before he came to New York City to become a psychologist, he was an actor, writer and playwright; his play Waiting for Godette, starring Justin Bond, was produced at Theater Rhinoceros in 1993.  He co-authored articles on Rainbow Heights Club for the journal Best Practices in Mental Health and the anthology Community Mental Health:  21st Century Challenges.

Kevin Garrity

Kevin Garrity is the Deputy Executive Director. Kevin came to Rainbow Heights in 2005 with a long history of for profit and not for profit corporate development and management. He has helped guide many organizations to sustainability through funding diversification and administrative capacity development both on the staff and board levels. Kevin also represents Rainbow Heights Club in Albany and at NY City Hall, where he advocates for more and better access to services for our community.

Randy Killings

Randy Killings, CASAC-T, New York Certified Peer Specialist, Director of Peer Services, earned his CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) diploma from the Outreach Training Institute in Queens, New York. He is also a graduate of the Howie the Harp Peer Advocacy Center. Randy is a resident of Brooklyn, New York, living with his partner, and has been in the Human Services field for eight years.  Randy has experience working with autistic children and with homeless populations.  Randy’s hobbies are dancing, modeling and playing handball.  Randy’s goal is to enter into social work in the future because he loves to assist people, who like him, live with a mental illness.  Randy identifies as a gay man and is proud to be working with LGBTQ people who live with mental illness.

Spencer Casseus

Spencer Casseus is the Director of Community Engagement at Rainbow Heights Club. Spencer’s multi-dimensional career spans almost 20 years in the world of corporate, entertainment, marketing and nonprofit health, providing guidance and leadership on all aspects of branding visibility, publicity, social media engagement, community partnerships, outreach, special events, fundraising and donor solicitation. He has created culturally competent campaigns and marketing strategies to raise awareness of various health and social issues such as cancer, sickle cell disease, mental health, heart disease, PrEP/PEP, and HIV/AIDS. Spencer is a Haitian-American graduate from the City University of New York at Hunter College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies and multiple certifications in public health interventions and strategies. He is a progressive community advocate and educator serving on many health advisory boards both regionally and statewide. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Musa Watanabe

Musa Watanabe, New York Certified Peer Specialist, is originally from Tokyo, Japan, and has been living in New York City for over 20 years. After having been a member of Rainbow Heights Club for eight years, she was hired as a Member Clerical Intern in 2010. In April 2011, Musa began her current position as a Peer Specialist. Through attending at Rainbow Heights Club as a member, she believes that the club has given her hope and strength to survive. Therefore, her motive to work at Rainbow Heights Club is to help fellow members of Rainbow Heights Club to gain hope, recovery and happiness they deserve without living with stigma and discrimination from bias against LGBT people with mental illness. In June 2018, she received her degree of Bachelor’s of Science in Paralegal Studies from CUNY, New York City College of Technology (ABA Approved). She considers applying for a graduate school to further pursue her goal to be a better advocate for those who need help. She is an avid tennis fan, and she loves traveling.

Deb Dixon

Deb Dixon is a New York State Certified Peer Specialist returning to Rainbow Heights Club. She has been working in the field for four years and hopes to someday become a Mental Health Counselor working with the LGBTQ community. She is a graduate of the Howie the Harp Peer Advocacy Center and loves working with and supporting fellow members of the community. In her free time, Deb enjoys listening to music, spending time with family and going to live performances. She also loves collecting comic books as well as attending pop culture conventions.

Sunny Rivera

Sunny Rivera, New York Certified Peer Specialist, is a Peer Specialist at Rainbow Heights. Sunny has worked in the social services field for almost three decades. Her previous experience has covered a diverse range of areas such as providing mental health services and helping children with developmental disabilities. Sunny later expanded her skill set to include substance abuse treatment and has been involved with recovery work for over a decade. Sunny is particularly interested in helping support clients who are re-entering into society after periods of incarceration. She would like to combine her knowledge of substance abuse and recovery to help individuals maintain their well-being and decrease recidivism rates. Sunny is grateful to Rainbow Heights for the opportunity to further her knowledge and capabilities as a mental health counselor.

Allen Minor

Allen Minor is a New York Certified Peer Specialist at Rainbow Heights Club.  He comes to Human Services work following many years working as an architectural and engineering draftsperson and custom picture framer.  As a student at the University of New Mexico, Allen partnered to establish New Mexico’s first LGBTQ student union.  He has also volunteered to provide peer support to inpatients at Hudson River Psychiatric Center in Poughkeepsie, New York, and to provide support and practical assistance to people living with AIDS as an “AIDS Buddy” through AIDS Related Community Services.  As a student at Howie the Harp Peer Advocacy Center, Allen completed his internship at Rainbow Heights Club, and now he is proud to be a part of the Club’s professional team.  He is especially grateful for the opportunity to develop his support and advocacy skills and to help others who, like him, identify with the LGBTQ community and live with mental illness.  In his spare time Allen enjoys reading, writing, drawing, walking, bike riding, and exploring New York City’s many wonderful museums.

Cesar Munoz

Cesar Munoz is a New York Certified Peer Specialist at the Club. He is from Ecuador and studied at the Institute for Career Development. He is passionate about the mission of Rainbow Heights Club. The hospitality from the staff and members has made him feel at home. He says: "Now, whatever other people say, I trust myself, I feel secure about who I am. People here are confident and respectful. I've learned so much here. Everyone here gets a second chance. No what issues you have faced in your life, you have a chance to relax and make a positive contribution to society. Rainbow Heights Club is helping people do just that."

Bernis Young

Bernis Young is the newest Peer Specialist at Rainbow Heights Club and brings skills developed at Howie the Harp Advocacy Center to the Club.  He is a fun, energetic, and understanding person. His hobbies are reading, writing, listening to music, and comic book collecting. He loves giving back to those in need with advice and being able to meet them where they are. He looks forward to continuing to work with all the members.

Mark Photo
Mark Pelipiche

Mark Pelipiche enjoys volunteering at Rainbow Heights because it helps him have something positive to do each day. It makes him feel good to give back to the community and have a sense of purpose and something to look forward to. Some of Mark’s tasks at Rainbow Heights are food handling, prepping meals as well as assisting staff and new interns with cooking dinner for our members. Mark states, “Coming to Rainbow Heights puts me at ease. I can always look forward to having extra support from staff and my peers.” Mark also enjoys listening to music and playing with his two small dogs Pepper & Julie.


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Wilbert Morales

Wilbert Morales is an intern from Howie the harp. He loves movies and going out for long walks at the park. He also loves reading books. Wilbert enjoys practicing martial arts. Wilbert likes help and advocate for people that are marginalized.


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Scott Percelay

Scott Percelay is currently a graduate student at Hunter College, completing a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Scott hopes to work with the LGBTQ+ community, specifically youth and couples, in his professional career as a Counselor. He is originally from Tennessee but has now lived in New York City for eight years and considers it home. Scott enjoys cooking, traveling, yoga, volleyball, and scuba diving. He is honored to be a part of the Rainbow Heights Community.


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mily Scott

Emily Scott is currently a graduate student at Hunter College’s Silberman School of Social Work. Emily has a passion for crisis intervention and suicide prevention and would love to work with the adolescent/young adult and LGBTQ population in her future career. She previously worked in the social service field with home care for seniors and clients with dementia.  In her free time, Emily loves to spend time with her family and friends, hang out with her dog, paint, sew and craft. Emily is thrilled to be a part of the Rainbow Heights Community and is ready to learn as much as she can. 


Mark Photo
Michael Libonati

Michael Libonati is a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree is social work from The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Outside of school, Michael works for The Trevor Project, doing crisis counseling and suicide intervention for LGBT youth. Michael is an avid theatergoer, impromptu road-tripper, and lover of animals. He is thrilled to be a part of the Rainbow Heights Community.




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