Support Groups

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Group: This group provides a safe space for club members who want to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol, or trying to scale back from compulsive self-destructive behaviors. We share our experiences, strengths and hopes related to addiction, so members can identify with mutual feelings and receive support for channelling those feelings in healthy, safe ways. We offer suggestions to help members accomplish their individual goals. This forum is structured with group agreements.   All are welcome! 

In Community Meeting, we come together weekly to make our club better.  It is our weekly forum to be together, celebrate our accomplishments, inform one another about upcoming events, and and respond to the challenges and opportunities that arise in our community.  Please join the discussion and let you voice be heard. All welcome.

Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) meets once a month.  It is a forum to deal with more in-depth club issues and report to management about the club is working (or not working!) for you.

Fun Committee: At Fun Committee, we plan fabulous recreational activities for the club, including parties, events, and an annual talent show. All club members are welcome.  Come join the FUN!

Games Night: Prizes!  Tournaments!  Friends! On Thursdays, we come together to play Bingo, pool, Spades and other card games.  Are you skilled enough to win the tournament?  Join us for some serious fun!  All welcome.

Gay Men’s Group: This forum provides support for self-help, self-management, and self-development for gay men coping with life’s strains.  All gay men at Rainbow Heights Club are welcome.  

Guest Speaker Workshop: Join us to hear guest speakers from a variety of partner organizations from around the city let us know about resources and services that can help improve our lives. All welcome. 

Improv: Come learn the art and philosophy of improvisational comedy! Improvisation Comedy does not require previous experience performing or acting and does not require one to be “naturally funny”. All that is necessary is an openness to new experiences and a willingness to have fun.  The group is open to all Rainbow Heights Club Members.

Let’s Talk About Sex & Dating & Relationships: This support group is an opportunity to discuss issues that affect our sexual relationships and sexual lives in a nonjudgmental environment.  Past topics have included: intimacy, desire, sexual practices, risk behaviors, protecting our health, and factors that promote and inhibit sex.  All welcome.

Lesbian Group: Join our discussion forum for women who love women.  This group provides a safe, separate space for the exploration of issues and concerns specific to the lives of lesbians.  It is a space for members to share information and provide support to one another in a comfortable safe environment.  All lesbians at Rainbow Heights Club welcome. 

Life Skills Discussion: This forum helps members be mindful of their mental health and wellness.  We discuss daily self-maintenance and being proactive around our mental health in order to avoid negative mental health episodes.  The group is also a chance to empower ourselves by developing a Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), a self-care document we prepare prior to a critical mental health crisis to inform our loved one and care providers about our wishes in the event of a crisis.  All welcome.

Men’s Group: Men’s Group is a safe place for men to get support around stigma and coping with mental illness and fears that stem from stereotypes.  This forum is an opportunity to share experiences, as well as receive advice from one another.  This group helps men develop self-empowerment through the sharing of our strengths and perseverance.  All men welcome.

Movie Night: The Movie Night Group brings club members together for movie viewing, discussion, and socialization.  We watch a wide variety of genres, with a focus on LGBT-affirming films.  We’ll bring the popcorn!  Movie suggestions welcome! All members welcome. 

The Rainbow Moonlight Karaoke Lounge: Friday nights at The Lounge is an expressive outlet where we break into song in a relaxed, fun, and nonjudgmental environment.  Let your heart sing with us!  All welcome.

“Say What You See”: Anthony Viti invites you to “say what you see” in his visual thinking workshop.  We will look together at art to sharpen our observation skills in a non-judgmental environment.  Come join the discussion!  All welcome!

Thoughts & Feelings: A connection exists between our thoughts and feelings and the behaviors, impulses, and emotions that can lead to positive outcomes OR problems for ourselves and others.  Join us to talk about this connection and how we can make great choices.  All welcome.  

Too Much Group: This group is to help people share strategies for managing excessive behaviors: addictions, obsessions, distractions, or any behavior or activity that gets in the way of meeting our goals or makes it hard for us to enjoy life's pleasures.  Join us!  All welcome.

Transgender Explorers: This group is for those who identify as trans, gender non-conforming, or questioning. Past topics include: coming out to our providers as trans, navigating mental health resources as gender non-conforming people, dating and relationship issues, as well as self-acceptance and aging in our genders.  

Zappalorti Society: Come talk about how we can advocate for LGBT affirming mental health services for ourselves and the thousands of other LGBT people living with mental health conditions here in New York City.  Help inform the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the New York State Office of Mental Health about how they could more effectively meet the needs of LGBT New Yorkers.


A Community Meeting is held every Friday afternoon at 3:00PM.

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